Tips for Designing a perfect Kindergarten or Playroom

Kindergarten Play Area

When it comes to the happiness of the kids, the parent wants to do everything possible to ensure that their kids continue to smile. Kindergarten and playroom is not just a place kids go to play, but also a place they learn. From the color schemes to the types of furniture and toys, you should consider going for those that will help build the IQ of your child. When choosing a design for your kids’ playroom, you should plan carefully as this is the place where kids will want to remember all through their childhood. Make it a place to remember.

This post will highlight few tips for designing a perfect kindergarten. The first thing to consider before proceeding designing the kindergarten is the age of the child you are designing it for. The child’s age will go a long way to determine the type of design you should go for as well as the accessories and toys you should add to the playroom. For instance, a playroom for a child of about 7 to 8 years old will be considerably different from that of a child that is between 12 to 24 month of age. If you are designing for a toddler consider going for bright shades that are warm.

Children that fall within this age group are only beginning to understand the world so consider going for things that are not too harsh or too technical for their understanding. The furniture and accessories should be soft and plush.  The toys should also be stimulating and not scary. The furniture may include a crib, changing table, and a rocker. You should also consider hanging a painting on the wall that will help build the IQ of the child.  Other decorations may include alphabets and basic numbers to help your child with reading and writing. You may use colorful plastics or wicker baskets to store crayons and other stationery.

Meanwhile, if you are designing for a child of about 7 years of age, same rules apply but in a more advanced way. The furniture should also be childproofed, soft and plush. However, since the IQ of kids that fall into these categories are a little bit more developed compared to the latter categories, you may hang wall murals with their favorite superhero or cartoon character. The toys for this category of kids may also be that of their best cartoon characters or superheroes. You may opt for decals and wall stickers. The latter is preferable because they are relatively easy to hang and easy to remove.

In terms of color shade, kids love bright and multiple colors. If the playroom is for more than one child of the opposite gender, you should consider going for apple red for the furniture and yellow for the walls or sky blue or grass green coupled with another warm color. Meanwhile, if the playroom is for a boy, you should probably adopt dark color furniture paired with bright royal blue shade for the wall as well as yellow and orange accessories and decors. For a girl’s playroom, you should adopt a combination of colors like pink, purple, and grass green.

It’s also worth considering kids bunk bed reviews if you’re creating the ideal bedroom for more than one child. These can add focus to the room, as well as creating more floorspace – perfect for getting down to the serious business of play.